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Lia Pagliuso Dip.CM


return to your body, return to yourself

acupuncture * chinese herbs * bodywork * cupping * gua sha * breathwork

Release, Relax, Unwind


About the Treatment

Chinese medicine is a holistic practice that aims to treat the body as a whole, rather than individual symptoms. Therefore, it can treat a multitude of different conditions by identifying and harmonizing the underlying imbalance.

How will our sessions look like?

Before the first session

We will talk on the phone, discussing what you are looking to work on in the treatment and answering any questions you might have. I will also send you 1-2 questionnaires to answer that will better help me understand your medical history and the nature of the condition(s) you are experiencing

The first session

We will review your questionnaire(s) and I will ask any follow-up questions I find necessary. We will also discuss any lifestyle modifications that can be made that will benefit the healing process, including diet, exercise, breath work and sleep patterns. In certain conditions I see fit, I will also prescribe an herbal formula to supplement the treatment. Then, we will move onto the body, checking the pulse, the abdomen, the neck and the tongue -- all are crucial in reaching the most exact diagnosis. Finally, we will begin the treatment! Every session will consist of acupuncture and may include other modalities, such as tui na and cupping, tailored to your needs.

The remainder of the treatment

In most cases, we will proceed with weekly sessions for at least a month. Acupuncture treatment -- like most other treatments -- is most effective when administered  continuously over a period of time. During this period, we will be closely monitoring your condition and general sense of well-being, all the while continuing with your personalized treatment course and making any necessary modifications. After around a month, we will review your progress together and reevaluate your treatment course and frequency. The priority will always be the sustainability of your treatment! I see our process as a kickstart (and occasional tune-up) for your own independent journey of self-healing and discovery.


Plans & Pricing

Whether you are looking to try acupuncture for the first time or are wanting a more consistent treatment course, there are options for you! 

If you are new to the practice, I strongly recommend to first schedule a free consultation call with me to discuss what treatment course is right for you.

Payments can be made in cash, Bit, or bank transfer.

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Single Treatment

300 nis

Your introduction to the wonderful world of Chinese medicine. For anyone wanting to try acupuncture and still deliberating whether or not to begin a treatment course, this is the best option for you.


5-Pack Treatment Series

1275 nis (save 15%)

A sweet and affordable mini treatment course to truly experience the health benefits of consistent acupuncture treatment. Recommended for new patients experiencing mild to moderate symptoms and/or returning patients looking for occasional maintenance.

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10-Pack Treatment Series

2400 nis (save 20%)

The one and only full treatment course. This is the ideal package to fully reap the benefits of the treatment and nurture your health from root to branch.


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My name is Lia and I am an Israeli-American Chinese Medicine therapist practicing since 2021. The main focus of my practice has been aiding people in rediscovering a sense of mental and emotional health by bringing awareness to the body. 


My background is in psychology. I completed a bachelor's degree in Boston University and went on to begin a master's program in psychology here in Israel. However, I always felt like there was a missing link in conventional therapy. Having suffered for many years from anxiety and panic attacks myself, which often lead to numerous uncomfortable bodily symptoms, I longed for a practice that would acknowledge this inevitable connection. This is where acupuncture and Chinese medicine came in and made a huge difference in my life! Not only was I able to simultaneously treat both my body and my mind during the sessions, but I gained an ever-growing knowledge of them and an ability to make better day-to-day choices for myself based on this newly heightened awareness.


In 2017, I decided to drop my psychology degree and pursue a full-time (and life-time) study of Chinese Medicine. I was inspired to dedicate myself to a craft that has provided so much benefit to myself, and surely many others. My priority is and has always been my patients and the sustainability of their well-being, and I am constantly doing supplemental research and taking courses that I feel will better serve them. 


I invite you warmly to learn more about the treatment and schedule a free 20 minute consultation to get to know each other, ask more questions and discuss treatment options. Starting a new treatment can be daunting — I know! — which is why it is important for me to facilitate your choice to the best of my ability.


Looking forward to meet you





To schedule an appointment or a 20-minute free consultation, please contact via e-mail or WhatsApp.

8 Sgula St.

Tel-Aviv Yaffo, Israel

"The Clinic"

12 Levontin St.

Tel-Aviv Yaffo, Israel

Tel: +972-53-228-8487

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