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About the Treatment

Chinese medicine is a holistic practice that aims to treat the body as a whole, rather than individual symptoms. Therefore, it can treat a multitude of different conditions by identifying and harmonizing the underlying imbalance.

How will our sessions look like?

Before the first session

We will talk on the phone, discussing what you are looking to work on in the treatment and answering any questions you might have. I will also send you 1-2 questionnaires to answer that will better help me understand your medical history and the nature of the condition(s) you are experiencing

The first session

We will review your questionnaire(s) and I will ask any follow-up questions I find necessary. We will also discuss any lifestyle modifications that can be made that will benefit the healing process, including diet, exercise, breath work and sleep patterns. In certain conditions I see fit, I will also prescribe an herbal formula to supplement the treatment. Then, we will move onto the body, checking the pulse, the abdomen, the neck and the tongue -- all are crucial in reaching the most exact diagnosis. Finally, we will begin the treatment! Every session will consist of acupuncture and may include other modalities, such as tui na and cupping, tailored to your needs.

The remainder of the treatment

In most cases, we will proceed with weekly sessions for at least a month. Acupuncture treatment -- like most other treatments -- is most effective when administered  continuously over a period of time. During this period, we will be closely monitoring your condition and general sense of well-being, all the while continuing with your personalized treatment course and making any necessary modifications. After around a month, we will review your progress together and reevaluate your treatment course and frequency. The priority will always be the sustainability of your treatment! I see our process as a kickstart (and occasional tune-up) for your own independent journey of self-healing and discovery.

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